I'm back!

After a week I have finally regained control of this blog. Woo-hoo!

Please remember that in Nov of 2010 I moved over to wordpress and can be found posting on Effortless-Style.


Karena said...

Woohoo, changes always put a slight (or major) crimp in things. So excited for you though!

Art by Karena

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Marticia Lancaster said...

Great job with the painting session :). i never thought that i need to sand it first, then put a primer before the actual paint. This really helps since i asked for a made to order book shelve for my room and didn't ask them to paint it or even put varnish, im planning of painting it myself cause i want a different color and they might not get the results i want, at least if did it on my own there's no one to blame but myself.

Anonymous said...

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deepsharma said...

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Adelina Lee said...

wow.. nice.. u'l ms be back again

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betina luna said...

The changes you made really looks good. Good work!

Katie Jean said...


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International Decor said...

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Sandra Carson said...

Welcome back..:)
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viviscal coupon said...


Seems I'm a little late to this party lol will check out your new blog now, loved this one!


Anonymous said...

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Thank you

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Percy B. said...

Welcome back! Hoping to see you painting and posting again.... See you around!

Student Inspector said...

Welcome back! Gotta check your new posts... I love your paintings. Keep on doing it!

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Your painting are so nice! It's good to hear your back! Good luck!

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