Come away with me: Vintage Travel Posters

Everyone loves going on vacation. Being out of the office, enjoying new sites, eating yummy foods and of course the shopping!

During every trip I take I’m always on the look out for a cool trinket to bring home with me and remember the trip. Sometimes it’s an elephant to add to my collection or a vintage candlestick holder from a flea market in Florence.

Seeing this image from Design Sponge I was reminded of another way to remember your favorite locales….vintage travel posters!


Boston Public Library has a flickr set full of vintage travel posters that you are allowed to save onto your computer so print away!

Here are some favorites:

We went to Italy a couple of years ago so I think this would be a good one to add to my collection:


European Vacation:


Of course I love the elephant in this one:


I also found a site with free vintage travel posters from America.

Loving the colors in Miami:


Home Sweet Home: New York


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas:




I love how many different prints are available and at pennies!

I know one person that will be able to fill a gallery wall with them….Summer Lee! Congrats on winning the 3M give-away!


AppleTree said...

I have always loved those. good find.

1 Funky Woman said...

How cool are these? And some you can download for free, wow!

Starfish and Sundresses said...

These are great! I have a desk calendar from Anthro of vintage travel posters. xx

Beth McC. said...

Love these!! Can you buy them??

Michelle said...

That is a great idea! I always try to find something on my trips, too!

Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

Oh I love these!!

Nikki said...

Great idea! Now I just need to travel.

Mrs. Chic said...

These ons are so much fun, I 've seen some great ones from time to time at Cost Plus...I love all the vintage travel posters like this!

Carla said...

Thanks so much for linking to my vintage travel posters page. I hope your visitors enjoy the posters!

Lissa @ After Adornment said...

These are great! I would like to find an Italy one also since that is where we went for our honeymoon.

Lynett said...

Seriously, have I ever told you you post the best links? So getting some of these for my new apartment!

Laura@JourneyChic said...

Fantastic! I'm a Boston gal and had no idea the BPL offered these posters. I've bookmarked the link and am thinking about ways to use them!

Shannon @ Sit.Relax.Gossip. said...

I love vintage travel posters! The only problem is, I can never decide which one to get. So excited these are free which makes my indecision a little more acceptable!

Amanda said...

That Las Vegas one is so splendid! It reminds me of the Pixar short film they played right before Toy Story 3 (if you've seen it yet).