Life in a fishbowl

Latest obsession of course comes in wallpaper form and Jon will be happy to know that it's filled with fish and not flowers. It's designed by Nina Campbellwho holds the key to my heart with wallpaper patterns. Let me tell you she does not disappoint!

Close up of fish:

I could only find one image of it actually used in a room. While I was dreaming of it in a master bathroom I love seeing it in a living room setting as well. Anyone else ever see it in action before?

On a totally random yet related note I did find out that once upon a time the pattern was available in gift wrap form:

While that pattern is not available currently there are a couple of other great options available here. I don't think I could ever get myself to wrap a gift with that paper. I would probably frame it instead.

Images via Nina Campbell


Kelly Green said...

Love this fishy paper - yes, i have used it in a bathroom. Pop on over to my blog and see it under 'my work' or 'fish' or something like that!!!! It looked stunning! KG

Kelly Green said...

Found it - hope you don't mind me posting the link Camilla! KG

Danielle said...

i like..i THINK I like her birdy paper a little better creep me out a that odd?

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Love it Belinda! I should have know you would have used it! We always seem to have such similar design loves.


I love the bird paper as well. I wouldn't kick either one out of my house. We can still be friends. :)

modern jane said...

Those are beautiful! I think it would be gorgeous in a cottage or anywhere! It almost looks like watercolor!

Alex said...

I love this!

sanctuaryhome said...

I saw this exact paper at a showroom yesterday and have been fantasazing about finding a client for it all day. I love that it looks like embroidery.