Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend Recap: Latest additions

Hi All,
Hope you all had a great holiday weekend! Things have been a bit hectic over here with the blog move, work and of course a little personal drama that has thrown me through a loop! So, it was nice to have a couple of days to step away from the computer, hang out with family and use said family as free labor to help out with a couple of finishing touches. :)
Here are a couple of sneak peeks of projects that got wrapped up:
Added trim adds a punch of color and style to my bland Ikea curtains:

This lovely lady made it home with me last week. Still testing her out around the house. Who knows where she’ll end up.

I used the same steps from my DIY fretwork napkins and added a custom flair to more window treatments.

Changed artwork yet again and drove Jon a little nuts having to cut maps and make more holes in the walls.

My latest thrift store find all cleaned up and made pretty with some blooms.

My Pierre Frey fabric find didn’t make it on my caned chairs, but I still included it in the living room:

Pillow Play:

Modern Art = DIY art in my eyes. Loving this piece!

Mirror, mirror on the wall:

Whew! I need a new weekend to recoup. What were you up to?
* The blog is still a little funny in some sections so please bear with me as I try to get it all fixed. Still working on getting a plug in done so that you can subscribe via email. This will hopefully be done today.


Blogger Elena said...

Gorgeous! Do tell how you added the trim to the curtains, please!
I'm planning to do the same to mine and am wondering how to do it. Did you iron them down first to keep them straight?

Thanks! :)

March 14, 2011 at 2:50 PM  
Anonymous Joan said...

I absolutely love those curtains - actually everything looks lovely!

There's something about a brightly coloured painting that brings the room together.

June 18, 2014 at 3:24 PM  

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