Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Recap: Celebration!

This past weekend my sister, Ximena turned 26! So my weekend was full of client work during the daytime and then a little bit of celebration during the evening!
Hit of the night was…. fingerstaches! (Thanks Danay!)
You can imagine the pictures that ensued once everyone had their fingerstache on. Of course I didn’t take pics. Bad blogger I know, but this is what you could imagine it looking like:
Good times were had by all. I’ve been swamped with work so it was nice to head out and relax for a little bit.
Of course the best part of a birthday is the gifts! I must share what I got the birthday girl. First I made sure to wrap my gifts in a green manor and used some left over fabric and ribbon to make them pretty:
Now what was inside the packages:
She loved them and I would highly recommend etsy seller Pradman. The jewels are stunning and the prices are really budget friendly.
Jon made the birthday girl her own special gift:
Close up of piece:
She loved it!


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