Monday, January 3, 2011

Weekend Recap: Gallery Wall

This year we decided to do something special for my parents and since design is what I do best I came up with the plan to gift them a gallery wall. 
In my parents home there is a massive wall that leads upstairs and for years it’s been blank. A couple of years ago we added a mirror, which made a huge difference, but then we just left it as is.
Wall before:
With the help of my sisters we hit the stores and started purchasing an eclectic mix of frames to fill the wall. Once that was done we went through boxes and boxes of old and new family pictures and cropped them to perfection along making them black and white. 
We boxed them in a rather large box and left it under the tree. Mom and Dad loved the gift and after the Christmas madness we were able to hang everything up. 
I know there is a tried and true method to hang gallery walls, but since we had so many frames the thought of making templates for each one and arranging different mock-ups was not the route I wanted to go with.  My method this time was just to start hanging my first piece in the middle of the wall and then working my way out. It worked out perfectly and we finished in about 30 mins. 
Wall after:
Along with pictures we mixed in some small artwork pieces and mirrors. Normally I would think a LOVE sign is a bit cheesy, but my Mom kept saying that all she wanted for Christmas love. So when when we saw the sign and it worked perfectly within our budget and color story we knew we had to get it.
Danay had fun cleaning up all of our little finger prints:
Close up of frames:
My favorite image:
It’s my mom showing off her pregnant belly with little ole me in there! She wasn’t in love with the idea of having it up on the wall. Hope she’s okay with seeing it online! :)  
It was a fun gift to give and I’m certain my parents loved receiving it. 
* Thank you for all your sweet emails and comments regarding my bit of heartbreak towards the end of 2010. I really don’t to get into it too much, because I try and keep this blog happy and design related, but the reason for my sadness is a bit of medical drama with my Dad. So please bear with me as I try to wrap my head our new normal around here. 


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