Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Recap: Chaos!

This weekend was complete chaos. I wish I could say it was filled with Christmas shopping madness and that I was all finished with my shopping, but I would be lying. So instead of rehashing my emotionally draining weekend where nothing got crossed off my to-do list I figured I would share some snap shots of things that got accomplished last week that I have yet to share. 
My latest purchase from etsy arrived:
Close up of artwork:
My first purchase from One Kings Lane arrived and got put to use:
My Maddox Chandelier also finally arrived. The beads are a bit larger than I expected, but I put it up anyway and I think I’m ok with it.
In the same package came my Chippendale brackets, which are on sale and amazing.
Latest ebay win also arrived!
The mailman most think I’m opening up my own shop, because all of these client boxes also arrived:
Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Tell me something fun you did.


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