Blog Hopping

Today I'm hanging out at Journey Chictoday! Head on over and see what my simple and chic plans are to fix our naked house:

Check out my design plan here.




cbn said...

The link to the Kmart furniture appears to be broken.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Hmm not sure why that happened. If you search for Country Living Rock Lake in Outdoor furniture it should pop up.

Robyn said...

Hopefully next year we can do something with our curb appeal. It's not bad, but it just looks like everyone else. I'd love to paint the front door this fall. Here in Texas you don't dare take your front door off for a day until late October. It's still in the 100s. Choosing a color has been difficult. I just don't know what to pick.

Laura@JourneyChic said...

Thanks so much Camila!!

MSA said...

Have you thouhgt about removing your storm door or getting a prettier one. One of the first things we did at our house was take the terrible white storm door off, it made a huge difference. We eventually put another one on that comes unfished with a brass knob (from a specialty hardware store) and then painted the door to match the front door, looks SO much better.