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With fall and the beginning of the school year coming up rather quickly I thought it would be fun to take a peek into the life of a student, blogger and intern at She knows.

For those of us with our school days behind it will be a nice trip down memory lane. I totally wish my major was as cool as Brooke's you'll see what I mean when you read what her classes are.


I am so happy to be writing this blog right now. I was lucky to have a friend introduce me to Camila’s blog and thought I’d love it. She was right. Camila solidified my friend’s feeling when she tweeted she bought a macbook and found herself lost in hootsuite. Myself being an apple and social media junkie, it was a perfect match.

This week fell that Wednesday would be the day I record for you. While interning part time, school full time and of course blogging for my own blog Just B , my days are long and filled to the brim. This Wednesday was no different and started from the early morning to ending late at night.

6:00 AM- Alarm sounded via the iPhone playing Chasing Pavements by Adele. I made a mental note that I need a more upbeat song to wake me up. Hit snooze.

7:24 AM- I finally lose the battle with my alarm and am out the door where I saw the most brilliant sight. Living in Arizona I get spoiled by the sun everyday taking it for granted but a new sight was the amazing cloud formations. It was the perfect combination to my morning Starbucks. (Single Grande Decaf Non-Fat Latte if you were wondering)

8:01 AM- I made it to school and got settled into Accessories class. Yes you read right, accessories. I am a fashion marketing student so it is my painful duty to sit in class learning about shoes and handbags (topic of the day). Which always leads to shopping online for shoes and handbags. I created a wish list.

11:47 AM- First class is out and I have one hour to run errands to complete other assignments. But not without stopping to get a refreshing lemonade considering the heat was 109 degrees. I love the Simply Lemonade and this mini bottle was too cute. I think I wanted the cute bottle more than I felt like lemonade. Yep, that sounds right.

12:15 PM- Still doing errands, I went into Michael’s craft supply store in need of matte frames. In need of 8 for the whole class I only found 4 in the color and size I needed. I noticed a lady holding a pricing gun. Seems like she’d work there right? So I went and asked “Can I ask you a question?”
“Do you know if you have any of these in the back?”
“I don’t work here.”
“oh.” ???
“If I had khaki pants on and a black top then I’d work here.”
My mistake, but she had a pricing gun regardless of her pink pants and floral top. Am I the only one who would assume she’d work there?

12:40 PM- I was back to school waiting for another class to start. Catalog development. Lucky for me I chose to focus on my blog so I sit in front of a computer screen making a catalog focusing on my blog. Lots of computer screens are involved in this one and every time I’m in the lab I make a mental note. Must get big screen.

3:00 PM- Hit a school wall. Can’t keep working. Tired.

4:40- Finally out of class and in desperate need of a pick me up , I am thankful for my treat receipt I received earlier in the day. I think Starbucks created their treat receipts for all of us who like to have about 20 different projects going on at one time. They’re brilliant and lifesavers.

5:00 PM- Quick trip to Starbucks has me moving again but not far. I have one more class for the day. (I know, I’m crazy.) Non-Fiction writing. A class where I was told I will write articles on topics of my choice and next week create a blog. I’m sorry, I’m what?! Best class ever? I think all of you bloggers are pretty jealous right now. In class we brainstormed some ideas for an upcoming article. Personality profile. Who will I interview? Any takers?

8:40 PM- Done with class! Re-edited an article, finished a test and got to get out of there. Long day but far from done.

9:10 PM- I get home still in need of some study time for a test in the morning and I figure it would only be right to study with wine. I turn on the tv, check the dvr and am happily reminded that it was So You Think You Can Dance finale night! For the record, I am still secretly rooting for Alex. He would’ve won it all.

And that’s my day. Most days are long and always filled with different projects that challenge my creativity but the outcome is always well deserved. Thank you again for letting me apart of the In Her Shoes series. And if anyone was wondering, I was wearing Sam Edelman ‘GiGi’ Sandal in gold all day if you literally want to be in my shoes.

Thanks for sharing Brooke! Love the shoes and had no clue about Starbucks treat receipts.



Blogger LindsB said...

I wish I was back in school so bad. Actually I wish I was back in school doing something I love NOW rather then the dumb degree I decided on way back when :)

Another great interview!

August 13, 2010 at 8:34 AM  
Blogger Hamptontoes said...

Great interview. Accessories class...I'd like that one!

August 13, 2010 at 10:08 AM  
Blogger The Brick Cottage said...

Oh to be a merchandising major in today's world! Sounds like fun! Nine years ago, I graduated with a merchandising and design degree (OMG! I can't believe it's been that long!) and while we got to do fun things like: go to department stores and critique displays or take merchandise out on loan to create our own window displays at school, I can only imagine would it would be like today with the on-line shopping and social media aspect that is so prevalent right now.

This was a very enjoyable "In Her Shoes" and I like that she's so excited about her classes. Now, off to check out her blog!

August 13, 2010 at 10:42 AM  
Blogger Melissa Blake said...

lovely post

August 13, 2010 at 11:01 AM  
Blogger B said...

Thank you again for having me post. I'm loving all the comments! xoxo B

August 13, 2010 at 1:56 PM  
Anonymous katie. said...

Love the In Her Shoes series and love Just B!

August 13, 2010 at 5:28 PM  
Anonymous Mor said...

Treat receipts are the best! I think they offer them everyday through end of August... mmmm. Great post!

Morgan @

August 14, 2010 at 12:59 AM  
Anonymous Morgan @ said...

I think my comment just went through without me sending it? ;)

Treat receipts are the best! I think they offer them everyday through end of August... mmmm. Great post!

August 14, 2010 at 1:00 AM  
Blogger Sources said...

great shoes! love the style and design of them.
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August 14, 2010 at 5:51 AM  

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