Friday, December 10, 2010

Client Inspiration…

I have a new client. We met about 2 weeks ago and I must say that while I’m normally really calm about the first consult this client was giving me butterflies. Why you may ask? Well, this client is on the cusp of turning 10 and her birthday gift is a new room designed by me. Did I mention this almost 10 year old knows exactly what she wants. She came to the meeting with a folder full of inspiration, products that she liked and color palettes that she loves and drew out in markers.
Lucky for me we both hit it off and I heart my new client. We are meeting this Friday to discuss the design plan.
I’ve been scouring my inspiration files for images that would help me come up with a color combo and I think I’m leaning towards orange/pink/green combo.
We are going for a more modern look, but I think I have a winning color combo! 
Images via Caldwell Flake


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