Friday, February 4, 2011

Oh Canada!

I must say that before blogging I didn’t really think that much about Canada.(Sorry Canada) Yes, I had made a trip there when I was little and currently have some family there, but that was where my bond with Canada ended.
Then came my introduction into blogging and through blog rolls I found so many amazing blogs based out of Canada. From the blogs I came to discover some of my favorite magazines: Style at Home and House & Homeand of course my love for Canada followed into TV and I now need to catch every episode of Sarah’s House.
This past week I’ve been even more enamored with Canada, because Toronto has been hosting the IDS (Interior Design Show) and many of my blog friends are there rubbing shoulders with Sarah and Tommy from Sarah’s House as they check out all of the booths.
I must say that Style at Home’s booth is my favorite!
Check it out:

{Image via Poppy Talk via Holley & Gil}
What is not to love?
Bold paint color on wall…. love
Unbelievable striped floor…. love (I believe they were handing out a card with DIY instructions anyone attended and want to share the details?)
Chic gallery wall with a mix of art styles…love
Chippendale pattern on cabinets….love (Just told Jon earlier this week I wanted to do something similar to this and now voila a great picture to show him what I meant.)
Lovely mural on wall…love
Big blue tufted seat….love
My jaw dropped when I saw those images. One piece of the booth that I couldn’t forget was a piece of art:
I’m not sure why, but that massive sketch of the scissors had me at hello. I had to know more about it. After a quick search I found out that it was the work of Alanna Cavanagh a Toronto based illustrator and printmaker.
Here are some other works that she has designed that you might recogonize:
Here is a peek into at her inspiration board:
The best part of Alanna is that she blogs! Want details about the amazing mural from above that she designed? Head here to check it out.
Images 2-6 via Alanna Cavanagh


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