Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fool me once, shame on me

I adore getting catalogs in the mail. Bills completely bore me and get tossed to the side, but my catalogs get stacked on my nightstand so that I can go thru them when I'm nice and cozy in bed. I guess next time I shouldn't go thru my catalogs so close to my bed time, because my eyes have been starting to play tricks on me!

I was flipping thru my Anthropologie catalog and found the perfect chandelier for my bedroom. I tried to make my bedroom a romantic room, but I still had to try and keep some masculine touches for my husband. My dark wood furniture screams male, but since I'm the one buying stuff I have to admit the rest of the room is a bit girly. I even got my sister help in giving my paint color a candlelight technique, which I love. The room is on it's way to being finished with the flat screen finally mounted on the wall. ( thnx hubby please forgot about that whole "finally" part in the sentence before) But this chandelier made me weak in the knees. Especially since it has milk glass in it and that is one of my weaknesses. I have many many pieces of milk glass that I plan on putting in my china cabinet once my dining room furniture comes in. Anyway I digress, but to the story at hand. I was completely beside myself in seeing the chandelier and the awesome price tag of $129. I was close to running out the door when I had to stop myself and remind myself that 1. I was in my PJ's and 2. No way was Anthro open at 11pm. Since cyberland is never closed I decided to order it online while the hubby was distracted watching some sort of Monster Garage show on the tele. I had just placed it in my cart when the disappointment set it. I was not looking closely at the catalog and instead of $129 it was 1,298.00!!!!!!

So I guess next time I need to pay closer attention, but of course like any other girl I'm already thinking that I want to change everything anyway. I don't think my husband would like the sound of that.

P.S. Just so you don't worry about me I do eventually open up all the bills.


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