Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vicente Wolf speaks and we all listen...

One of my favorite parts of attending this years What's In, What's Next event was getting to catch Vicente Wolf. I had always admired his work, but getting to hear him talk just took my admiration to another level.

He loves to tell it like is and doesn't sugar coat anything. There were many bloggers and/or designers in the room that night listening to him speak and everyone was raising their hands voicing concerns about the design field and how it is constantly changing. He was short and sweet about it and just kept saying that we need to remember that time is money and that both the designer and client need to remember that for smooth sailing.

My favorite line of the night was Vicente stating, " I'm a designer not a whore." I told you he tells it like it is!

I always love a bit of snarkiness in a persons personality so I feel even more in love with Vicente after that talk.

I wasn't alone at the talk and luckily Marianne has that sweet southern drawl that makes it nearly impossible for anyone to say no so we were able to get a picture with him!

{Marianne, Viccente, Me, and Nicole.}

I must also share that Marianne bumped into Vicente at the Rue launch party two days before and didn't realize who it was, but saw that the gentleman next to her had crumbs on his jacket and proceeded to wipe it off of him. So, not sure if Vicente is actually smiling or is terrified that we are crazy stalkers.

Vicente's book Lifting the Curtain on Design comes out Oct 19th!

That's two days before Jon's birthday. Hmm think I can buy the book and wrap it up and then it to Jon for his birthday so that it can very quickly be passed on to me. :)

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Blogger Erika Ward said...

His blog is chocked full of golden nuggets and I've learned so much from him. He's the closest thing I have to a mentor right now. Aren't you amazed at how generous he is with his advice? Love you Vicente!

September 29, 2010 at 7:11 PM  

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