Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby it’s cold outside…

{Image via Domino}
This chilly weather has me very thankful that we ended up with house that had a fire place.
I love lighting it up (ok so Jon does the lighting), grabbing some hot chocolate and stack of magazines and just relaxing by the warmth with the pups at my feet.
Some accessories for the fire place lover would make for a great holiday gift this season:
1. A cozy throw for some added warmth. I would pretend it was a very much lusted after Hermes blanket.
2. Owls are all the rage this season and I must say I have fallen for them as well. I hope they get along with all of the elephants in my house. These andirons are a perfect gift and only $45.
3. Marshmallows are a must in my house. I love using them in smores or hot chocolate during the cold winter months.
4. Every fireplace has a mantle that needs to be adorned with Stockings come Christmas morning.
5. I may not have the Hermes blanket I dream of, but I can still have a little bit of Hermes orange in a hot chocolate mug.
6. Hot Chocolate the way my mom makes it. Add a tablet to a cup of hot milk and blend. Yum.
7. A little dose of animal print in the form of fireplace matches.
8. I love gold tones mixed into my fireplace mantle and this holder adds the perfect dose.
9. Instant fireplace for those that don’t have a fireplace. Exudes a lovely aroma of a real wood burning fire.
10. Canvas log carrier for only $11.73! Get the gift receivers initials embroidered on it and voila chic gift!
What are your must haves for the perfect fireplace?


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