Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blog Spotlight: The Zhush

I simply adore Sue’s tagline: Silly Name, Smart Style.
Sue is a fellow NY who covers design, entertaining and fashion on her blog, The Zhush. She is a girls girl who adores leopard print just as much as me. You must take a sneak a peek into her ski home that showcases her design talent!
Love her use of Cole and Sons Woods wallpaper.
Recently Sue has entered into the roll of shop owner with her own e-commerce site called Zhush.
She has some great gifts for the holiday:
1. I don’t think I would ever want to put a glass on these stylish coasters and cover up there beauty.
2. Everybody loves a little bling. It looks like there is a big chunk of rock candy on top of this wine stopper and I love it!
3. You know I think every home should have a touch of animal print. Get your touch with these hand paintedcatchalls
4.Obsessed with Orange. Obsessed with cozy. This blanketfits both obsessions.
5. I want a dressing room and in that dressing room I want a wall filled with these hooks. My purses would be so happy. The husband not as happy.
I just love getting to know the members of the blog directory. Have you submitted your blog?
Images via The Zhush.



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