Cabin Fever

Having a home in the Catskill’s would sound like a dream to Jon. To me, not so much until recently when I filed away this amazing cabin revamp:
Check out the before:
New flooring, a fireplace facelift and loads of white paint:
Opposite site of the main room:
The homeowners took down the walls and added an Ikea kitchen:
Better view of dining room that featured ebay finds and treasures from her travels:
One of my favorite little parts of the cabin has to be the elephant pulls on the master bedrooms closet door:
{Similar pulls available on ebay}
I’m certain this would be Jon’s favorite part:
To learn more about how PR guru Melanie Brandman transformed her cabin check out this article from the NY TIMES.
Do you any of you own a country retreat? I know it’s on my one day list.


Alexandra Rae said...

Love you!! Those shall become the door pulls for my offices. Thanks for the link. I'm resurrecting my 13 year-old childrens furniture company, Green Elephant Studios--look for me later.) And I love the greek key finds! Current client's etagere, check!

priscilla said...

I do have a house in the Catskills that is also covered in knotty pine. It is my dream to paint it someday.