Thursday, January 13, 2011

Show & Tell: Mirrored Cabinet

Last week I found this amazing project that Rachel of Southern Exposure featured back in Sept.
I’ve been completely jealous that her latest before and after project is not currently residing in my dining room.
Check it out.
Here is her before:
She found a cabinet at one of her favorite home town shops and knew she had to have it. It came in two pieces.
Here is the base:
Here is the top piece:
Greek god artwork included of course. :)
I was so excited to continue scrolling and see what she had done with it. Let me tell you Rachel did not disappoint.
Taking her inspiration from a cabinet by Oly:
She got to work with some paint, mirrors, mouldings, liquid nails and a bit of super glue she got this:
Jaw dropping! I want one please!
Bravo Rachel! You can check out more details on the project here.
All images via Southern Exposure


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