Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Recap: I’m over it…

During the summer I asked all of my lovely readers how they felt about black walls, because I was starting to feel over them.
You see I had painted my main bathroom black a little over 3 years ago and I was getting the itch for something different.
Everyone calmed me down a bit and told me how much they loved it so I decided to leave it as is and try to make some minor tweaks to the black well of those tweaks finally lead me to do this:
I had been pretty low key all weekend I had a busy week and really just wanted to veg out, but of course yesterday at 6pm I decided enough is enough and I primed the walls for paint! It took 2 coats of loads of stinky fumes that gave me a headache, but it’s done and I’m painting it the new color today.
Stay tuned!
What did you do this weekend? Anyone watch the globes? I did in between painting and I gotta say I didn’t really feel wowed by any of the dresses.


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