Wednesday, January 12, 2011


For months now I’ve been itching to to test out Easy Change wallpaper. I first learned about via Oh Happy Dayand loved the results she got.
Working with one of my clients that rents an apartment in NYC I immediately knew what paper I wanted to use on her walls.
We worked on it this weekend and I loved the results!
All of the easy change wallpapers can be found on Sherwin Williams.
Decorator’s tip: With the book # and pattern number search the web for rolls. I found my paper for $10 cheaper a roll at Interior Place. The only annoying thing about SW’s site is that you need to search page by page so it’s not a quick process.
Here are some of favorites:

We found the paper really easy to hang. It did take a while, but overall the process went really smoothly. We had one section that didn’t come out to our liking so we tested out the easy change promise. There was some good news and some bad news.
Good news: The paper came off by pulling on the edges. It was a little tough in some sections so we used a scrapper to help us continue peeling it. No paper remained on the wall. It literally took like 2 mins to remove one sheet.
Bad news: It removed some of the paint off the wall. Granted we were working on really bad plaster walls that had been repainted a million and one times. Since it removed some paint and we now had a green paint color showing we had to spackle  the walls to make everything white again.
Wallpaper removal:
This was our own personal experience. I’m pretty certain it was just due to the poor state of the walls we were working on, but it’s something to take into account if you are toying with using it in your rental.


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