Eclectic Finds

Lately I’ve been finding myself more drawn to eclectic finds that give a room a sense of travel, warm and energy! Little by little I’ve been injecting a little bit of a global vibe to my home and I’m loving it.
Here are a couple of additions that you can make to your own home:
1. Faux block print window panels.
2.I’ve been in love with lighting piece forever.
3. Of course I had to find a little Ellie to throw into the mix.
4. Ty Pennington’s new fabric line is here and it’s fab and inexpensive.
5. Wood Scalloped Charger that is on sale for $3.95. Mount it on the wall as is or glue on a mirror to the center!
6.Pretty paisley pillow
7. Chevronworks in all design styles.
8. Stripes! Need I say more.
9. Let their be light for only $56.
10.Owls are quickly becoming a new favorite animal of mine.
11. Magic carpet ride
Have you injected a little global vibe to your home?


Kim @ keller-creative said...

I love that chevron pillow and had no idea Lands End had such cute pillows!

I'm your newest follower :)

Sakarias Ting said...

wow... thank you for this info... I love to buy that lighting piece....
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Desserree Nuevo said...

I love the design of your shower curtain
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