One for them and Three for me!

Whenever I'm out shopping for others I always find something that peaks my interest and I end up purchasing it for myself.

I'm sure many of you do the same thing as well. At least I hope I'm not the only one!

Over the weekend while finishing up my online shopping I was thrilled to find my beloved Iosselliani jewels at 30% at Tobi by using the coupon code HOLIDAYTIME.

Take a peek at what can be all yours:

Iosselliani Stacked Rings(Set of 5) originally $270, but with code $189!

Iosselliani Bangle Bracelets originally $376, but with code $263.20!

Iosselliani Emerald Gemstone Bangle Bracelets originally $426, but with code $298.20!

Happy shopping!


Kwana said...

Oh I love a good deal. These are great!

Courtney said...

looovvveee the bangle bracelet. if you pick up one for me, go ahead and treat yourself too :) Maegan said...

love the rings...LOVE

Carrie said...

I have the same problem when shopping for others, I usually come home with more stuff for myself!

Lauren said...

Me too- and if I don't actually come home with it, it ends up on my list!

LindsB said...

its the same way with me, and this Christmas my bank account is totally hurting because of it.

Haven and Home said...

I love the goods!

Lauren said...

camila- Where in NY?! :) Maybe Sat am?? We were thinking of going in early to walk around. (My husband's from there but I sort of want to do the tourist thing :)

W29 Showroom said...

I like your blog!
Nice post about Iosselliani (:
Check out our blog! We have a blogpost about Iosselliani and a interview with the designers.

Have a nice day! / linda