Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Update: He’s Gone

A big huge hug to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. We got a phone call yesterday afternoon that Jon’s sweet grandpa had passed away.

jon'sgrandpa* Here is a shot from our wedding. Jon’s grandpa is directly below him. 

We both stopped working for the day and went off to grandma’s house to check on her. She’s handling things as well as can be expected. At times she is okay and you can even get a smile out of her, but just as quickly it can turn to her sobbing that, “he’s gone.” Over and over again. She was the only boy she ever dated, her one true love so it’s understandable that she is so upset.

Plans have been made, family is coming in from around the US and wakes will take place Thursday evening, Friday afternoon and evening with the funeral on Saturday.

I’m taking the rest of the week off. I feel insanely guilty about not posting or commenting this week, but then again I feel insanely guilty going on like nothing has happened. So I think it’s best that I take a couple days off and throw myself into helping out however I can with Jon’s grandma.

If you need me I’ll be checking my email:




Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Recap: I’m spent…

UPDATE: Jon's grandpa passed away about an hour ago. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

Nothing too exciting to report this Monday.

We got a phone call Saturday morning while on our morning walk with the pups that Jon’s grandfather who now lives in a nursing home and has been in hospice care for a year and half was doing very badly.

So we rushed off to the nursing home with Jon’s sisters and spent the day there. 

It was emotionally exhausting. Lots of tears and watching Jon’s grandma fall to pieces.

He is still with us, but things are just getting worse not better. One of our close friends is a doctor and is in her first year of residency. We had dinner with her and her hubby last night and I discussed with her the sound of his breathing and apparently she said that it is called a death rattle and that he probably only has a matter of days.

Most of the family has come to terms with what's going to happen. It's been a long road where we have seen him suffer and only wish him to finally have some peace and comfort, but Jon's grandma is a whole other story. She is losing her partner and that is something that I don't think I will ever be prepared for. She would rather have him like this then not have him at all.

My brain is in fog and truthfully I can’t even think of anything remotely design related to post about today so I figured I would just let you all know what is on my mind.

Sorry for the sad post.




Friday, August 21, 2009


When I saw this picture:


I knew I had to “meet” the mastermind behind this amazingly chic room that came in at $250 bucks. I was certain we were destined to be friends.

So, of course I bothered her with an email professing my love for that amazing room and asking for business advice from professional to another and oh yea begging her to be part of IN HER SHOES.

It didn’t take much begging, because Caitlin is as sweet as they come and said yes right away.

So sit back, relax and enjoy a day in the life of Caitlin!



7:30 a.m.

I hear a little cry from the next room. The baby is up. I roll over and convince my husband to go get him and feed him breakfast so I can sneak in a couple more minutes of sleep. I am not a morning person. Fifteen minutes later I'm up and snuggling with my babe. He's a wiggly one so this lasts about 1 minute. I check my email and read the morning blog updates while the little guy watches thomas the train. We head out side for some play time

9:00 a.m.

Time for nap. I'm cleaning up the house when I get a call about a a last minute client meeting. I scramble to find a baby sitter on short notice. Luckily Grandpa is available. Now I'm on fast forward. Hop into the shower. Print out documents for my client meeting. Hair, makeup, jewelry. I'm ready to go. Grandpa arrives and I'm out the door.

10:00 a.m.

Client meeting for a very exciting project which I am keeping a surprise. We pick out a paint color {Benjamin Moore is my favorite line} and talk about our time frame for the project. Look at furnishings and talk about fabrics. Another meeting is set for next week. I make a couple of stops on the way home at some nearby boutiques. Nothing interesting though.

11:30 a.m.


Home. Winston is awake and being so silly. We get him dressed and head to lunch with Grandpa to one of our our favorite places, Cafe Rio. If you are ever in Utah, Arizona, or Las Vegas you need to try this place. After lunch I coax grandpa into running errands with us so that he can help with Winston.


Homegoods. Ah I love this store. Looks like they just got a new shipment. I have to stock up today for a big project. Lamps and mirrors are on my list. We are at a loss in the lamp department but hit the jackpot on mirrors. All the people in the check out line are giving me very strange looks for having 2 shopping carts full of mirrors.

1:15 p.m.


Thrift store. I pretty much stalk thrift stores. Whenever I am around one I try to pop in for just a minute. Sometimes I leave with nothing, and sometimes I find bags full! Today is a good day. I spot some very strange but interesting pink lamps straight from the 70's on my way down stairs. My first stop, the  glassware section. I find a ceramic bird to add to my little collection, a cool glass bowl. I also leave with a beautiful porcelain blue matelasse throw {only $4} that will go perfect in my bedroom, a great octagonal faux bamboo mirror {hmm. what color to paint?} some vintage children's clothing {which I also have a huge stash of} a vintage blue suitcase, and the most darling blue and white tea plates.

2:00 p.m.

Nap time. We say goodbye to grandpa and put the little one down. Time for Laundry. Ugh. How does it pile up so quickly? After getting a load in I sit down at the computer to do some research for a client. All the sudden I realize I've spent an hour and a half looking at coffee tables. I am loving a square mirrored option from Horchow.

4:00 p.m.


Baby is awake. Smiling from ear to ear. We have a snack and head to the park.
Sandbox. Swing. Steal other kids toys. It is a beautiful sunny day.

5:00 p.m.


Fix dinner for the little one {which ends up all over the floor} and wait for Daddy to come home. We hang out as a family and go for a little walk around the neighborhood, and catch up on our day.

6:00 p.m.

Out the door again. I'm headed to visit a project site and look at the new paint color. But first I need a pedicure, since after all I am taking a picture of my feet for this post. On the way I stop at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware to see what is new. I end up leaving with some beautiful linen pillow covers {only $13.99} and some simple glass vases.

7:15 p.m.

Visit project site. Paint looks great. Crown molding looks amazing. The painters are still finishing up a couple of things but really close to being done. I unload all the mirrors filling my car and take some measurements. Time to go home. I am spent.

8:00 p.m.

Home for good. The baby is asleep. I flip through the channels a bit while I chat with my husband and check my favorite blogs {yes I am a multitasker}. I'm exhausted, but admiring my new nail color { a fiery hot pink} and excited about going fabric shopping tomorrow. After watching a bit of HGTV I remember I have a brand new issue of Elle Decor sitting in my bedroom so I opt for a bubble bath and stylish interiors.

10:00 p.m.

The house is clean and quiet and I'm done for the the day. Off to bed!

Oh and my shoes, lovely gold sandals for me and navy blue saltwater sandals for Winston. I thought it was only fair to include him since he is my partner in crime.



A big thank you Caitlin and I hope you all enjoyed taking in a day with her and Winston. How sweet is their shoe shot! Ah love it.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. It’s suppose to be rain filled here in NY, which I guess means I won’t feel guilty staying inside and hopefully finish some more projects around the house!

I also forgot to mention yesterday that I took part in a fun Back to School series over at Domestikated Life make sure you go check it out!




Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blog Crush: Three Men & a Lady

I’ve said it once and I’ll have to say it again. I love reading comments on my blog posts!

Not only are all my readers super sweet and supportive, but I get to find out more about who is reading the blog by reading my commenter blogs.

Yesterday while I was avoiding work I saw that I had a new comment. I went to check it and was lead to Michelle's blog.  This meant that work stopped for about an hour while I caught up on her blog.

Not only is her family totally adorable:


But, she is completely stylish and thrifty as well. She  had me at hello.

Check out their entry way/hallway: AMAZING!


Here is a sneak peek of her bedroom re-do:


Of course her two little men also got a custom look in their room:


Here is where the whole family hangs out! Oh yea she also made that ottoman/coffee table, and the pillows.


So get ready to be hooked on a new to me blog and check out Three Men & a Lady.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

If Chevron & Zebra met and had a baby…


Ah true love. Please let me get a client that will let me design a room around this!


NYIGF: The recap

Yesterday was quite the crazy day. I decided to drive in because I needed to pick up my parents from the airport at 6:30pm. So, I figured I would hit the show, oh and ah and then drive to airport.

Sounds simple right? Ah it never is. I of course left way later than I wanted to. I had work that needed to get done so I just couldn’t leave any earlier.

The show was taking part in two different locations. One section called AT HOME was at Pier 94 and the rest was at Javits Center. Since AT HOME was only going to be open until today @ 3pm. I figured it was best to hit that first.

All was smooth sailing until I tried finding parking, had a huge fight with one of those parking meters that would not read any of my credit cards, felt my hair turn into a huge mass of fizz and oh yea for some reason I get to the show and my camera won’t turn on!!!!!!!

So while I felt oh so chic leaving my house in this little number:

terasina dress
* It was orange and from Anthro, which pretty much meant it had to come home with me regardless of the price.

By the time I actually stepped foot at the show I felt like a total failure, with a sticky dress due to the heat and what I will simply call dewy look on my face to make myself feel better, but let’s face it, it was sweat!

Plus side to things was that I saw a lot of things that loved and vendors that I’m super excited to get trade accounts with!  But I was all alone so I had no one to share that excitement with.

Pier 94 isn’t that large so I was able to go around 3 times, before I had to leave for the airport.

Again one would think this would be easy, but it was the peak of rush hour and traffic was at a stand still at one point I literally felt like pulling over and crying while I was on 2nd ave. But there would have been no where to pull over so I kept going and eventually was able to get to the midtown tunnel and arrive at JFK with time to spare.

Where my Mom greeted me with braids in her hair. Yes folks braids and beads! I died of laughter!

So in the end everything worked out alright. I’m planning on going in again tomorrow to check out the Javits Center and hopefully that will go more smoothly.

To check out actual pictures of the show make sure you check out Habitually Chic and Good bones, great pieces.

Don't worry I didn't get pictures, but I did get a lot of great new vendors that I'm going to share with you.

Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Treasure Hunting

Today I’ll be venturing out into Manhattan to go check out the New York International Gift Fair. I was hoping to get some one in my family to come with me. Even signed them up as employees so that they could get passes, but they are either still on vacation or have to work! Boo!


So I’m going solo and hopefully I’ll be able to find an outfit as chic as this in my closet:



I’m really loving everything that I see from Kate Spade's new fall line up. (Shocking I know :) )


Do you have any favorite fall trends yet?


What about Kate Spade’s new website look? Are you loving the new orange background?


I am!


I’m charging my camera as I type so I hope to get lots of shots and share the day with you tomorrow!!






Monday, August 17, 2009


danay reveal 017

I have gotten numerous questions/emails about the headboard I made for my latest room redo. I’m so happy everyone loved it and I gotta say it’s one of my favorite parts of the room plus it was one of the easiest as well.

A quick trip to home depot and JoAnn’s and I arrived home with the following items:

danayroomfishing 163

- 3 pieces of MDF (Home Depot)

- 3 picture hanging kits (Home Depot)

- Quilting batting – 72”x 90” size (JO ANNs)

- Spray Glue (Already had)

- 2 yards fabric - Home Seasons Pinwheel Parade (JO ANNs)

- Staple Gun & Staples (Already had)

Before you go out to Home Depot to purchase your MDF you need to measure the length of the bed. I needed to have my 3 pieces of wood total 57” in length and then for the height I played around with a variety of sizes. I didn’t want the pillows to cover the majority of it so I went with a height of 28”. This meant that I needed 3 pieces of MDF that were 19” x 28”.

Of course Home Depot didn’t have the perfect size in there pre-cut pieces, but I was able to find some that were close enough and Jon just fixed them to size at home. If you don’t have a table saw at home don’t worry. At Home Depot they can cut it to size for you.

danayroomfishing 166

Next step is just cutting the batting to size. I doubled up in order to have it fluffy enough. Give the wood a little spray of glue and then just place it on.


danayroomfishing 172

Ok we are almost done. Now you just have to staple the fabric around. Pay special attention to the corners.

danayroomfishing 175

Woo hoo! Now one is done. You can go and finish up the other two boards.

Now I need to need come clean. Last step is adding the picture hanging kit. The nice part about this DIY step headboard is that you are not attaching it directly to your bed. You simply hang them where you want them like a picture. You can very easily remove them and swap out the fabric when you like.

I didn’t pay attention to the size of the screws in the picture hanging kit and they were too long. If I had used them they would come through the fabric!

Ah enter Jon who calmed down his hysterical wife. Went down to our shop that was still filled with everything from the previous home owners and found  a picture hanging kit that I will simply call vintage that had tiny little screws.

Crisis averted.

Once the picture hanging kits are in place you just need to hang them up. We found it worked best to nail the middle one first and then do the sides.

Final product:

danay reveal 037

I can’t wait to try this again! You could even add some nail head trim around each panel, or do some tufting on each with a contrasting color for the buttons.

The varieties are endless.

This bed was a full/queen and it required three boards. I would use two for a twin bed and then for a king I would either size larger panels and keep it at 3 or go for a little extra and make it 4 panels.

I tested it out and it is very sturdy. You can lean on it as much as you want!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Daniela’s Room: Price Break down

I just want to send a huge virtual hug to all of my readers. Thank you for all of your amazing support. I’m so happy to read that everyone loved the room.

Danay arrived safely and I’m sorry to say I wasn’t able to get a reaction shot. It was only me and her at the house so no one was in the room to get the money shot.

So now that you got to see the after shot I’m going to break it down for you.

Since the main offense in the room was the furniture that needed to go. (Don’t worry Mom moved it down to the basement apt so overnight guests can still enjoy it :) )

Go to place for chic and cheap furniture was IKEA. Plus it was cash and carry which was key on our short time frame.

I decided to go with the Malm 6 drawer dresser in black brown, because it went nicely with the trim in the room and was large enough to hold the TV plus the $179.99 price tag didn’t hurt.

The baskets were a set from Burlington Coat Factory and only $8. They will house her hair and make-up products.

The candles were extras from another room therefore FREE.

Artwork above the TV was also free. I had two prints that I purchased from a thrift store a while back for their frame. I never used it so again it was just wasting space in my closet.

I popped out the artwork and glass. Added some rolled cork board I had in my craft closet. I also found some vintage Holland and Sherry in the craft closet from a thrift store and spray glue. Voila now she can pin whatever artwork she wants and switch it out when she so chooses.


The matching night stands were way to small and the 3 drawer chest in Malm was a bit too large and pricey for my budget at 79.99.

Enter the Kullen 3 drawer dresser at 39.99 it was the perfect fit for the room and my budget.


The lamps were extras that were originally in my home and then moved to my parents basement apt. They were pretty much collecting dust. So I snagged them for the redo and purchased new shades at Target. At $24.99 each it was a little high for my budget, but they were really key to the design so I picked them up.

Bedding actually remained the same. It wasn’t done on purpose, but it worked. The original toss pillows got moved to the basement apt and I grabbed the red ones that were hanging out down there from an old re-do. So bedding was totally FREE!

I did a lot of shopping around the house, which is key in a budget remodel. I tend to save a lot of the things from old projects or since I’m constantly re-decorating I have lots just sitting in closets.

The headboard has to be my favorite part of the room.


I’m going to do a how to post next week, but for the budget here is the breakdown.

It’s 3 separate pieces of MDF that were about $5 each so my Home Depot total was $15.

The batting was $10 at  JOANN’s.

The fabric was also a score from my JOANN’s and came in at 6.99 a yard. I used 2, which made my fabric total: $14.

The mirror above the bed was from Michaels. It was part of their Christmas section, which is out already. It was 69.99, but I had a 40% off coupon so it came in at $42.


The artwork was taken from an old calendar my sister had. So that part was free.

The frames were another purchase from Michaels. They were $6 each and the mats were $1.99. 

Artwork total: $32


The chair came from one of my favorite thrift stores. I’m friendly with the manager and once I told her what I was doing with the chair I got it for FREE!

I bought 4 yards of burlap at Walmart. At $2.49  it came up to $10. I used that to cover the seat. I also purchased 2 cans of spraypaint at Walmart ($2.50 x 2)

The window treatments were a neutral shade and a somewhat recent purchase so they stayed. The finials were swapped out with another pair my mother had in the house.


On this side of the room there is another dresser. It was in the basement apt. It was actually left in the home when my parents bought this house and has been painted many, many times. So it just got a fresh coat in a putty beige. The paint came from a prior craft project I had done, which I got for $1 in the Opps paint section of Home Depot. (It was a quart)

The remaining burlap was used here as well. I used two old corkboards that my mom was no longer using. The large board simply got 2 layers of burlap and then simple clear push pins ($2 @ staples) were used to hang the jewelry.

Cork board number 2 was covered in extra burlap from the headboard project, wrapped in burlap and then to give the look of nail head trim I used white tacks (88 cents per package x 3) from Walmart.

The artwork piece was from Target and in the clearence section for $5.

The lamp was another find from the basement and Daniela owned the small mirror. (There is also a long mirror behind the front door so that Danay can give herself a once over before heading out the door)

The remaining accessories such as the red/orange tray and the glass canisters came from Target and Michaels. I needed something to fill the canisters with and I was running out of time and $ so the candy aisle come to the rescue. The large one is filled with toostie rolls and the small one with peanut M&Ms. Since I wanted it to go with my color scheme I took time this morning to pick out all the blue and green M&Ms. Nutty maybe, but it needed to get done. Total for extras: $41.


Oh I just realized that I must have missed a couple things in my original add up and I came in at $497.

Wow that was a long post. I hope I explained everything and if you have any more question feel free to email!




The Reveal: $500 Bedroom re-do

Hello Loves,

It’s Thursday and I just have to say I’m wiped and frankly surprised that Jon is still married to me.

I always find that any type of home renovation tests a relationship and this room re-do was no different.

Even though Jon didn’t say it I’m certain he thought I was nutty for taking this one on. Not only was the time frame very tiny, the budget was teeny tiny and my mom who was suppose to be my partner in crime for this room re-do left on vaca on Tuesday and oh yea I have a guest room to finish and a dining room tackle in my home as well along with work.

So poor Jon got lots of eye lashes batted his way and helped me, build, hang, move, clean, etc.  Did I mention he has also been getting home around 8/8:30pm each night and that’s when, “Can you please help me” which you know really means, “Can you just do it yourself”.

So thanks darling! So happy you still love me! For better or worse, right?

Ok no more typing. I’ve teased enough and hopefully the room lives up to your expectations.

A little reminded of the before:











Because I’m all about keeping it real I’m adding a shot of the TV. I know it’s an eyesore, but it’s a part of the room and where the bed was originally.


One final hoorah!



I hope she likes it and that you all like it as well. I’m actually more nervous to see your comments instead of Danays!


Ok I’m off to go pick up Danay from the airport. I’ll report back with her reaction.


Tomorrow down I’ll break down the costs for you.






Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cheap & Chic: Chippendale

Yesterday while on my search for stylish yet inexpensive accessories for Daniela’s room redo I was met with quite the amazing sale at Pier 1.

All of there Bellerose furniture is now 40%. Ah be still my heart. It has the look of Chippendale, but not the price tag.

bellerose armchair bellerose coffeetable

bellerose console table bellerose pedestal table

I guess I’m not the only one that was loving this sale, because Jenny blogged about them as well!

While the black is lovely I think if they came home with me I would have to paint them a bright shade!

What would you do?


Daniela’s Room: Sneak peek

Hi All,

Sorry this post is a bit late in the day. I had a super busy morning and just got back to the house!

As I type Daniela’s in on her plane ride home from Kenya. I thought she was coming in today. Turns out she left Kenya on wednesday, but won’t be here till tomorrow.

Here is a little sneak peek at some of the elements in the room:

danayinspiration 006

The FIRENZE print was the main inspiration from the room. It was from a calendar that she still had up on the wall even though it was from 2008.

The colors in the print already worked with my wall color and finding that fabric was quite the score!

I was hoping to post pictures today, but of course other things got in the way (like work) and the room still isn’t done. I just need to frame the above print along with 3 others and then we are in business!

I’ll post pictures of everything tomorrow!




Tuesday, August 11, 2009

That girl

You know who I’m talking about…

She’s stunning, smart, funny, fashionable and oh yea sweet as can be.

The total package and not only do you want to get 5 mins alone in her closet to grab all of your favorite outfits, but you want to be her BFF as well. Ok let’s just face it you want to be her.

Well I know that girl and was in fact introduced to her by my sister, Daniela.

Meet  Liz:

liz                   She’s the 6 one from the left. (Next to Daniela)

Meet Liz’s latest endevor:

Midwest Modern

midwest modern

She was born and raised in Ohio, went to college in Boston and stayed. From fashion to interiors she is one stylish gal who can spot a hermes accessory from a mile away and loves elephants just as much as I do.

I hope you all give Liz a warm welcome to the blog world!


Daniela’s Room: The before

Ok so I’m not as sneaky as I thought I was. You guys got it right away! Daniela studied abroad for a semester to Florence. Her apartment was right across from the Duomo. You could practically  stick your hand out her window and touch it!

I had a hard time finding pics of the trip that didn’t give it away, because the majority of my pictures looked like this:


We started our trip in Rome and I think my first three days in Rome I only ate gelato! Calories don’t count when you aren’t home.

Ok before I  continue on my tangent of just re-living my Italian getaway I’ll get to the before pics.

Let me preface by saying that I loved the 80s. The music, the clothes, the hair. I wish I was a teenager during them, but the furniture choices not so much.

Don’t you just love the huge round mirror? Ah! Along with my sister’s collection of plaster funtime pieces that she thought would look oh so great next to it. Plus all her (let’s just call it like it is) crap that is on top of the dresser.

danayroomfishing 159

Ok so there a ton of pillows on the bed so you can’t really see the massive circular headboard with gold trim, but trust me it’s horrible!

danayroomfishing 160

The other side of them has a sad looking IKEA chair that has seen better days and a bookcase that is busting at the seams!

danayroomfishing 161

The major offense in the room is the chessy 80’s furnture. My sister detests it so I’m sure she won’t be mad that it has left the building.

The walls had recently been painted within the last year and my mom loves the color so that was staying.  I actually like the color as well so that was good and it worked with my inspiration piece.

Stay tuned tomorrow for what inspired the room and a sneak peek at my fabric choices.

I’m off to finish up some details. I need to purchase accessories and I’m at the end of my budget!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Daniela’s Room Re-do Clue #1

Hello All,

Hope you had a great relaxing weekend! I got lots accomplished during mine, but it wasn’t very relaxing. As you know my sweet Mom decided it would be fun to re-do my sisters room.


She is the baby of the family and the last one still living at home. I’m assuming that part of this room re-do is my parents attempt to keep her in the nest a little bit longer.


We had a very small budget ($500) and even less time. She comes home on Wednesday morning! So, this weekend was spent taking the room apart and trying to put it back together.


The whole inspiration for the room came from something that I found in Daniela’s room that she loves and reminds her of her year abroad.


I’m sure you now want to know where she was abroad. Well for that I’m leaving you some pics of our trip to visit her and take a guess and try and figure out where we were!


Picture 1: The week we decided to go visit her college roomies also came so below is a group shot of them. Danay’s in the middle with that orange top!


Picture 2: This was the view from Danay’s apt:



Picture 3: This was a tourist hot spot. Apparently if you roll a coin down his snout you are destined to have good luck and a return visit to this beautiful city!



Picture 4: Here is a picture of me and Daniela at one her favorite spots.


Picture 5:  Here is a shot from the same day and you get a glimpse of the country side.



*Author’s note: I call Daniela by her nick-name Danay. Not sure where it came from, but one day I just started calling her that and it stuck.


**Author’s note times 2: Total sidenote, but I’ve always wanted a nick-name and have never gotten one. Totally sad.


Anyway have fun guessing!


I can’t wait to show you all how the room evolved. Stay tuned tomorrow for before pics of the room. It was pretty bad…




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