Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Hi Loves,


So sorry that I only had one post up on Friday instead of my usual two, but I had an important excuse for it.


You see on Friday we traveled to Delaware to see  Jenn (SIL) graduate!


Isn’t she cute! She had her nursing graduation on Friday.


Then the big massive graduation ceremony was Saturday morning!




There were tons of people, but we able to spot her in the crowds!



So today we are back home and able to celebrate Jenn’s graduation and her birthday and Jon’s grandma’s birthday and of course Memorial Day!


I hope your all enjoying your extended weekend and take some time out to send a little thank you out to the universe for all of those that have fought to protect us.






Friday, May 28, 2010

Sunshine Accessories!

With the start of the long weekend only a couple of short hours away I know all of our thoughts our on sun, fun and of course BBQ’s!


Whether we are hosting our own BBQ or attending a family or friends I know we all appreciate a stylish table set-up.


Check out my new go-to place for napkins, placemats, tablecloths, aprons, oven mitts and even hats!


Chic Placemats: A set of 4 for $40



Greek Key Embroidered Placemats: 4 for $48 . I’m already envisioning pillows in these.



Don’t you think the greek key pattern would look great in my guest bedroom?


More Sunny yellow: 4 for $28


I know this last pick isn’t in the sunshine color family, but these guys always make me happy so I had to share.


Elephant Cocktail Napkins: 6 for $24



How are you going to set your table for this weekend?


Are you going to go with a sunshine summer theme, red/white/blue or multi-color?

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brown Bagging it…

Thanks to a lovely email from one of my readers/client/friend, Sara  I found out about a blog called Nancy's Brown Bag.




Today’s post reminded Sara of me so she sent the link my way.


Check out this beautiful event that Gloria Wong designed:


Love the green frames on the walls, orange lanterns and those chic chairs!


Wow talk about a statement. How amazing is the fabric used for the tablecloth! Love it!


One last table shot so take it all in!


So glamorous! I can already see a room designed by this color combo of green, orange and white!


Kicked to the curb…

Everyone in my family knows that me and Jon love finding things in other’s people trash. Normally on a Sunday night we get into the car and under the cover of night we start driving around to see what we can find. My sisters find this hysterical and always ask me to bring a video camera with me. I have yet to do that, but I think perhaps it might be funny to see so stay tuned. Hopefully I’ll talk Jon into it!

A couple of days ago on our way home Jon spotted a huge pile of furniture bits and pieces on a neighbors curb. After some quick and discreet moves this lovely lady made to our house.


Isn’t she pretty? I’ve been on the look out for a new office chair and she will bit the bill. Yes she is in a sad state, but after some TLC she will be amazing!

This is the desk where she will be used:

westelm parson table

Here are some of the accent colors/fabrics in the room:


Close up of sofa fabric:


Now the question has to be what type of fabric do I use to recover the chair?

I’ve always loved polka dots and I don’t really have any in my home.

These have caught my eye:

I could pick up some of the green in the sofa fabric:


Or go neutral, but fun with this latte color. I could get a jolt color and paint the chair legs something fun!


A favorite of mine is always orange so of course I’m considering this as well.


Another way to go would be for a more geometric fabric like these:




Or go more simply and classic with a stripe. Plus it’s probably the only room in the house where I can get away with PINK!


Picking up the green the sofa fabric I think these teeny stripes would look fab!


So, what do you guys think? Polka dots? Geometric? Stripes? Or just go with a classic neutral linen?

What would you do? Any other suggestions?

* Polka dot fabrics are from here,Geometric fabrics are fromhere,Striped fabrics are from here



Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shopbop Giveaway: Get yourself some Elizabeth James!

While interiors will also be my number one love second on my list has to be fashion.


Years ago I never would have thought Michelle Tanner from Full House would make clothes that I would want to purchase, but alas I was wrong.


Be still my heart with all the jaw-dropping clothes that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen produce!


Here are some of my favorites:


I  can already see this Elizabeth and James dress coming home with me.


I know summer is just arriving, but I’m already thinking Fall and this amazing chocolate brown Elizabeth and James jacket would fit in perfectly with all my other clothes.



One of my favorite things from their collection that I’ve wanted for a while now is one of their classic Elizabeth and James shirts.


Now I would love to use a $100 gift card from Shopbop to help me buy something from the Elizabeth and James collection, but alas I can not enter my own give-away.


You my dear readers can enter to win the $100 gift card!


Here is what you have to do:


- Be a follower of this blog


- Check out the Elizabeth and James collection and leave me a comment telling me what you would buy.


- Make sure you leave me an email address as well so that I can contact you if you win.


* Anyone can enter. You don’t need to have a blog to do so. If you tweet or blog about this give-away you get an additional entry. Lastly you can use your $100 for anything at Shopbop!


This give-away will be open until June 4th @ midnight EST.


El Mueble – Magazine Review

One of the parts of my trip that had me the most excited was getting to go to a bookstore in a different country and snag as many interior design related magazines as possible.

Of course on the one free day we had in Bogota I felt horrible and had stay in bed and rest, because the wedding we were attending was that night.

My sweet husband ventured out with my Mom, Dad and Grandma and returned with 9 magazines!

My favorite magazine was El Mueble.


Here is a peek into some of my favorite rooms: Loved all the white/cream that was going in the room. Also loved that the toss pillows in the room are the same shade of blue/green color that is coming from the glass coffee tables.


Loved the massive Parson style dining room table.


Another dining room that caught my eye with great lighting and oh my those tufted chairs.


A different view of the dining room from above. Had to share the great sliding doors to the room.


Stripes, stripes and more stripes. You know I’m a happy lady!


Jaw dropping indoor/outdoor dining space:


I feel in love with this roman shade. It’s so soft looking plus the added lighter trim that ends in a small bow killed it for me.


Love, love, love window trim painted in a dark shade.

All of these calm, serene spaces seriously make me want to start painting my house in shades of white.

It’s going to reach 90 today in NY and that pool in the background was just calling my name. Plus I’m in love with the stone gray paint color on the walls.


You know I’m a color lover, but that something hard to find in all of my international magazines, but I did end up finding a room with a touch of fuchsia!


Trends I noticed in all of my magazines was:

-Lots of neutrals

- Layering of neutral on top of neutral. So neutral wall, with neutral furniture, neutral window treatment, but with the help of textures it all worked.

- Drum shade lighting

- Lighting done in sets of 2 or 3

-Big chunky Parson type dining tables and coffee tables all throughout.

- The love sisal rugs as much as we do!

- Variety of wood tones used in a home and in it’s natural state. Not a lot of painted furniture.

- Color is used in a small doses. Either in a toss pillow, table runner or window treatment.

- Normally only one if any accent color in a room.

-Mostly all of the spaces had a touch of nature them. Either with a fabulous view to the outdoors or greenery sprinkled throughout the space.

The other magazines I came home with were: AXXIS, Casa y Jardin, Casa Viva and Nuevo Estilo (which was already a favorite).

What international magazines do you make sure you always get your hands on?


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vacation Recap Part 2!

The middle part of our trip was spent in a locale know as Valle de Leyva. I remember visiting this town on our last trip (15 years ago) and I fell in love!

Take a peek at my pictures and see why it was love at first sight.

The main plaza in town:



Since I haven’t shown any shots of me yet I figured I would thrown one in for all to see I was actually on this vacation! :)


I loved seeing all the green & white throughout the town.


Aren’t my parents cute? I snapped this picture without them knowing while we were shopping in town.


A restaurant in town:


A snap of the city at dusk:


Now me must be wondering where we actually stayed. Well my mom has a dear friend from college who knows spends half her time here in an unbelievable house and runs a charming shop in town. *Hello dream life!

Entrance to the house where we were staying:


Side view of house. I really don’t think I would ever tire of all of those beautiful mountains in the background.


Don’t you love this front door?


This is the entry way.


Once you get past the entry way you are met with this amazing courtyard. Step out of any of the bedrooms and you get to the amazing fountain and amazing plant life all throughout.


To the right of the fountain:


Door to the backyard:


This house has 3 super cute dogs in it and through that back door you find their dog houses:


A peek into the lovely homeowners bedroom:


A little vingette outside in the courtyard:


Another little horse hanging out:


A little seating nook outside one of the bedrooms:


A seating area outside of the kitchen/dining room:

DSC03611 I seriously was trying to figure out a way to jam those side chairs into my suitcase! :)

Here I am in one of my favorite chairs:

DSC03697 DSC03699

I of course couldn’t decide if I liked my hair up or down so I had Jon take both!

Colorful dining room set up. Love the massive windows! Plus the view isn’t too shabby!


To the left of the dining room. The little kitchen filled with yummy food and more eye candy.


Another little nook in the dining/kitchen area. I love the massive fruit holder.


Next to the dining/kitchen area is a family room:


I loved that red bench next to the fireplace. Tried squeezing that into my suitcase as well. :)

This is the view opposite the fireplace.


Loved this wood flower shaped bowl. I was so sad to hear that the store where it came from was no longer around.


These striped colorful rugs were all over the house in different colors. I loved them. They are all hand made in Colombia out of natural fibers and come in a variety of sizes.





My mom’s friend Pia has a store in town and it’s in this little courtyard.


Here is a peek inside. I couldn’t take it all in at once. So much great stuff.


My favorite thing in the shop had to of course be something with elephants. Isn’t it sweet looking?


By now I’m sure I’ve talked you all into visiting and since Pia can’t house everyone I thought you would like a peek into the most exclusive hotel in town.


Outside of reception:




Hallway with guest rooms:


Stairs, stairs and more stairs to get a peek at the amazing view:


Look at that view. Wasn’t all those steps worth it?


On my way down I snapped a picture of Marlboro man… I mean my husband.


As I was running down all those steps I ran into a lounge room that had an amazing ORANGE tufted sofa with navy blue curtains and pillows! Loved it. So I had to sneak in for a shot.


On our way down we found the pool area.


Cool pool shower. Jon would only take my picture if I pretended to shower. :)


The flowers everywhere were simply beautiful.


A final good bye shot with my mom and dad.


If you are interested in the hotel it is known as Duruelo and a double room in dollars is between $77-$83. Craziness!