Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mirror, mirror on the wall

I had a little time on my hands (translation: I was totally bored at work) and I wandered on to Anthropologie to check out everything I want, but totally can't afford. Of course Anthro always delivers and I found this beautiful mirror you see above. I love the details of the polished bone inlay that creates a beautiful design that while feminine is not overly girly. Plus the leafy green background would go perfect in my bedroom and add I a Bohemian feel to my space.

Another reason that I may be bias about this mirror is that it reminds me of one of my favorite Interior Designers: Anna Spiro from the land down under. I adore her style. Everything she designs makes me completely jealous that it is not my home. I would love to live in Australia and train under her. She has a great talent for mixing vintage pieces and modern pieces and just making it work. Her beach home is a perfect example of her style. She is not afraid of color and mixing and matching different fabrics and patterns. Plus her beach home shows a touch of beach and the ocean with her accessories and art work choices, but it is not too over the top theme oriented. If you haven't had a chance to read up on her I recommend that you quickly sign up to receive her blog feeds. She is perfection.

The picture below from one of Anna's post is what I thought of when I saw the mirror from Anthro:

Monday, September 29, 2008

Nice day for a white wedding

As September is coming to a close I have realized that I never posted about my recent trip to Sonoma, California. Me, my husband and in-laws were in Cali for a family wedding. Family being my husband's cousin's wedding. Brian (cousin) meet his fiance Nina due to the slip of a finger. Literally. While they had meet due to mutual friends months prior they had exchanged cell numbers, but never reached out to each other. A couple of months later Brian accidentally dialed Nina's number while he was trying to reach one of his friends. This happened numerous times. So many times that Brian figured something must want them to get together. He set a date and the rest is history.

What we all thought would be a very nontraditional wedding was in reality quite traditional with a touch of Nina and Brian. It was held a friends estate in Sonoma in their backyard. The ceremony was held outside and the ladies were giving pink parasols to get some much needed shade. Pinks, whites and burgundy's were the color theme and they fit perfectly with the setting.

The dress was a surprise for most, but word on the street was that Carrie wore it during the Vanity Fair photo shoot in the Sex and the City movie! I think we were all on pins and needles as she began her walk down the aisle. I took a quick glance at the dress to see what the big surprise was and then did my favorite thing at a wedding. Watch the groom as he watches his wife to be walk down the aisle. Nina did not disappoint. The dress was beautiful, she was beautiful and Brian was in awe.

I truly enjoyed the wedding. I wish I could plan my wedding all over again. It would totally be an outdoor wedding such as Brian and Nina's. Plus getting to wear Carolina Herrera wouldn't be too shabby.

Some pics from the wedding:

All the Ladies with their parasols!

My Father-in-law and hubby. Not afraid to wear pink.

My try at being the Satorialist. I loved her dress and she had an Audrey Hepburn vibe going on.

The funniest conversation overhead at the wedding was from some of the youngest attendees. The two ring bearers were discussing who they were going to marry. One little boy mentioned that he wanted to marry another boy. He was met with an,"Okay, but it's not good" response from the other little boy.

Ah only in California.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

All is well with the world

Tonight at 9pm my latest obsession is ready to start for the season and suck me in. I have actually cried over excitement over Jim and Pam's relationship and I'm pretty bummed that they are not real people. I have even had memories of what I thought was my own life and when discussing them with my husband have been met with, " Um sweetie that didn't happen to me that was Dwight on the office." Oops.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

P.S. I Love you

So, I'm probably one of the last people to finally watch P.S. I LOVE YOU. A couple of weeks ago I was left all to my lonesome when my hubby was called to help his grandma with her windows during a rain storm. Not sure what to do with myself I decided to finally On-Demand P.S. I LOVE YOU (Not normally a real fan of Hilary Swank I was mostly just excited to get to see Denny again from Grey's Anatomy.) The movie actually surprised me and I felt my eyes fill up with tears as I watched how a woman comes back to life after losing her partner. Not only was the story line lovely, but the Irish country side and great soundtrack has made this movie on of my favorites. Since we are about to embark on the Fall season and because i'm extremely excited to start dressing for the colder weather I was paying particular attention to all the fashion choices that the ladies made during their trip to the Irish countryside.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie takes part in Ireland during a fishing trip the ladies take and seeing it reminded me of one of my favorite accessories: Wellies. This pair in particular reminds me of Courtney at In(side) the Loop and her girl Burkley

These Wellies are a total must-have this coming season. Especially with this latest accessory that will make wearing Wellies a totally new experience. Now you toes can stay nice and toasty with these new Wellie Liners .

Hmmm so now that I found the perfect raining day accessory I just need to figure out how to talk my husband into treating me to a trip to Ireland to test out my Wellies and make sure they work properly.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pillow Talk

Last night in my cozy bed I was practically salivating over the latest issue of House Beautiful that arrived at my door. Magazines are my drug of choice and I'm a decorating junkie. It was love at first sight when I saw this pillow. I love it's completely different take on cane/lattice motif. I normally have seen the cane/lattice fabric in print format only. My favorite color mix has always been chocolate and brown and I especially love Erika's cushions from Urban Grace for her office. So cute! Plus I'm a softy for little black and white doggies. My only problem is that my latest addition to the family,Bear, a dog we rescued from our local animal shelter shares my passion for decorating. Only problem is that his style motto is, "less is more" and my pillow will end up deflated and in bed with him. Ah a girl can dream.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's a Jungle out there

Now that we are in September we have been bombarded with commercials of all of our favorite shows that are returning for a new season. Last season, I feel in love with the ladies of Lipstick Jungle. Brooke Shields has always been a favorite for me especially due to her work with V-Day an organization which I strongly support. Along with Brooke I was surprised to see my favorite 80's movie star, Andrew McCarthy of Pretty in Pink and Manniquen fame. In my eyes this show was already a hit and I was hooked. Tonight I get the honor of watching the season premier earlier than most. I recently got an invite from a friend from www.houseparty.com. This website was new to me, but apparently you can sign up to host parties that promote different products. If you got picked you get to throw a party and get sent a ton of freebies. So tonight I get to go to a party with Maybelline cosmetics, Orville Redenbacher popcorn and a sneak peak of the 1st episode of the season. If you don't watch LJ now is a good time to start. Mary Taylor Moore will be guest starting as Wendy (Brooke Shield's) mother!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's a shoe in

Ok so since the name of my blog is, High-Heeled Foot in the Door, I thought it would be a good idea to show off some drool worthy shoes. I'm not going to lie I love everything with a bow. Not only does this Nanette Lepore shoe from Nordstrom have a bow, but it's called the Hostess Pump. I'm a marketers dream. I love catchy names. I think that's why I have all those bottles of Essie polish. Anyway back to my main point the reason this shoe's name speaks to me is because for awhile now I've been toying with the idea of starting an interior decorating, personal shopping and event planning business and calling it, Kiss the Hostess. Hmmm kismet..perhaps. I even have a cute logo all thought up. Now I just need to figure out prices for my services and get some clients. Ah these shoes. I die! (Ok first and last Rachel Zoe reference) You know you watched.

Getting to know you

For as long as I can remember I have always leaned towards the more girly aspects of life. I have loved shopping, decorating, party planning and believe that everyone should have a little touch of animal print in their wardrobe and/or home decor. Due to my natural inclinations towards being the perfect 1950’s housewife and as the oldest daughter in my family I have always been the go-to person for everything creative. Baking pies, buying the perfect gift, picking the perfect paint color has made me a resident Martha Stewart. It is a role that I have loved to play and wish that I could do for real life. I am one of those crazy people that want to love what they do for a living. I don’t want to damn the man and work for the weekends. My dream profession was always interior designer. When I open my monthly magazines especially Domino’s my heart twinges when I see the latest interior designer. I swoon over fabric swatches, tiles and Lucite furniture (Sadly I don’t own any. Ah why oh why does marriage have to be a partnership)

So now you are probably wondering what I do for a living…drum role please…………………
I work for a wine distributor. Exciting I know. I work with our suppliers and get to run lots of reports etc and well pretty much a monkey could do my job. A happy girl I am not. Only plus side is that I get my wines at cost.

Last year I was introduced to the world of blogging. It was love at first sight and I became an obsessed woman. I loved reading about women who were as designed obsessed as me. The only main difference was that they actually went out and did something about it. They were business owners and successful ones at that. I bow down to all of you ladies in the blog world. You make my days so happy. I love coming home and catching up on your posts and dreaming that hopefully someday it can be my reality too.

After a year of reading and moaning about how my career was pretty much non-exsistent. I have a job yes, but I career no. I have finally decided to do something about it. Exactly what that is, is something I have yet to figure out. I need help and I’m hoping that I can make some friends in the blog world and that they can help me see the light. I would love to get into interior design or decorating and work for myself, but I am at a loss over how to make this happen.

This blog will be my ramblings of all the things I love and drool over in fashion and home design along with my many stumbles as I trying getting my high-heeled foot in the design door.

P.S. I thought the name of my blog was perfect. My only problem is that I may love how high heels look, but I spend most of my days in ballerina flats!