Simple Delights

A couple of weeks ago I took part in an a fun little exchange that Jill from the Good life for Less started. Whoever wanted to participate got matched up with another blogger and then we had to send them a simple delight in the mail. It could have been anything and the key was to not spend a lot of $$$, but still make someone’s day.

I got matched up with Maggie from Magchunk, which was a lot of fun, because I had never read Maggie’s blog before and I’m now a daily reader!

Maggie is from Seattle so I wanted to send her a bit of sunshine, even though lately I’m feeling like it’s more like Seattle here in NY with all these gray clouds! You can check out what I sent to Maggie here.

A couple of days later I received this from Maggie:

trash to treasures 001

She totally nailed it and  sent me some of my favorite simple delights.

Here are 5 simple delights I enjoy:

1. Getting mail. I love getting mail. Not junk mail, but a letter from a friend or a gift is such a fun thing to open. I even love when I order something off ebay and then totally forget it about and receive a box weeks later.

* Maggie already did great with just sending me something in the mail!

2. Magazines. I love that time of the month when my new monthly magazines are coming in. Everyone in my family knows they better not open them before me. I love having a crisp new magazine waiting for me at home.

*Then Maggie hit one of my other simple delights and send me a fresh copy of Sunset that I had not read and I’m now going to subscribe to!

3.  Cupcakes: Something so little yet they make me so happy. I love them. I don’t eat them all the time anymore, because my metabolism from my early twenties is not quite the same as my metabolism from my late twenties. Boo to that!

*Maggie must have know I was watching my figure and sent me a lovely postcard with cupcakes and sneaky lady that she was it was stuck in between pages in my magazine so I didn’t find it until much later. She also added a bag of gummy bears that weren’t too bad calorie wise so I opened them right away. Yum!

4. Trash to Treasures: I love finding something for a thrift store or even the curb and then making something out of it.

5. Thunderstorms: I totally want to change my answer since this month we’ve had such dreary, rainy weather these last couple of weeks, but normally I love a good rainstorm where I can stay in bed and watch Lifetime movies all day long and not feel guilty that I didn’t do a thing all day!!!

What are some of your favorite simple delights?


Kristin said...

What a lovely package! I am the same as you when the new magazines come... I want to be the first to open and read the pages. It's like that with peanut butter for me too -- I always want to be the first to dig into a new jar! Lots of other favorite things... too many to list here. Thanks for the great post!

Blair said...

Oh, what a wonderful list! Love mail and thunderstorms too. And thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday.

pve design said...

Giving a hug wot my 16 year old twins, when they allow! :)
Cooking a meal for my family and sharing it...
Taking my dog for a walk..
Getting Mail...
Finishing artwork....:)
Starting artwork:)

Sweet Nothings said...

oh, i just blogged about my love for cupcakes yesterday~

mrosev14 said...

Yay! What a fun exchange!! I think the package you got was wonderful. I like you love cupcakes and thunderstorms...scratch that, I love thunderstorms when I can be home in bed.

bluehydrangea said...

What a great idea..sad i didn't think of it. I just checked out the simple delights you sent and you nailed it!!

Blueprint Bliss said...

My number one would be snail mail. Love it.

I also love a hot bubble bath.

Jennifer said...


I love Sunset!

Magchunk said...

So happy you enjoyed your package! I love stormy days too (which is good, living here).

I did kind of hide that postcard, I guess! It came in a set from Lobster and Swan (both a blog and etsy store).

xoxo Maggie

LenkaLovee said...

what a wonderful idea!
and it looks like you got a great little package.
i lovee the magazine like that too. :) i have stacks upon stacks of magazines. and then more in boxes. :) lol.

urbansardines said...

What an awesome idea! We should all send each other care packages more often! Your simple delights very closely match mine... except I love a mystery novel and a porch swing more than anything!!!

Hope you make those yummy looking cupcakes!